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Farsi Maps offers you more than just simple directions. This application is world class e-map CDs which interactively provide detailed digital maps of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its cities.

The E-MAP CD for Cities is a revised up to date digital map for the cities inside the Kingdom. It includes road network with over 13,000 street names, in addition to 7000 services within 40 categories. The E-MAP CD for Kingdom is also a revised up to date digital map for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This one also includes all road networks with road numbers, more than 800 cities and villages with name in 6 classifications and over 500 Natural & Geographical Features.

Features of the E-map CD for Cities:
•A digital map including locations and names of more than 6500 services in more than 40 categories
•Includes the locations and names of roads, main streets and districts
•Locates services with various classifications within an area at any point on the map
•Users are able to add symbols or names to new locations and save related information
•Conducts search operations using fast and different methods
•Accurately measures distances between any given points in addition to any route on the map
•Provides in and out zooming
•Displays and prints maps on several scales
•Includes panoramic views of city signposts
•Obtains geographical coordinates for any location on the Kingdom and city levels
•Identifies the Kaaba direction at any point on the map
•Displays distance table between major cities and general information for the Kingdom and city
•Provides virtual flight over the Arabian Peninsula
•Includes photos of important religious, tourist and historical sites
•Includes free gift of KINGDOM DIGITAL MAP with the main cities and numbered road networks

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