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Farsi Geotech is part of Zaki Farsi Group, an Engineering  and Consultancy firm  headed by Mr. Zaki Mohamed Ali Farsi .

It is the leading organization for the maps and GIS (Geographic Information System) fields inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our success story started in 1982 when Farsi GeoTech produced the first guide map for Makkah area, which was regarded as an original achievement during that period of time. In the following years, we expanded our product line to include maps, guides, folded maps and atlases covering several cities of the Kingdom. These products have been developed on a powerful geographical information database that is frequently enhanced and updated.

Today, Farsi Geotech is the major provider of maps and GIS all over the Kingdom. We have established a highly accurate geographical database that contains valued GIS information. Currently, this large database is being utilized to develop GIS applications and GIS web service technologies and often considered as a key resource to GIS studies and research inside the Kingdom. 

This milestone has only been made possible through the efforts of our dedicated national expertise.

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